We Have Fun – Falling to Falls Lake

One of the major benefits to living in Cascadia is the ability to go skiing on the way to, or from, almost anywhere; the challenge can be in deciding exactly where the  pow-venture will begin. On any drive from the interior to the coast, Coquihalla summit is an obvious choice with a selection of peaks ranging from mellow north-facing glades to near-vertical slabs of granite. The scenery is spectacular and the access is immediately off the highway… basically a recipe for success.

dsc00488Well whaddaya know… Frozen cloud tornadoes on the lake? Let’s go skiing!

dsc00497Doing his best T.Rex impersonation.

dsc00507Fading perspective trees.

dsc00514Harrow? Is that yew?

dsc00520Walk this way, but no talking.

dsc00566Golden micro-topo.

dsc00585Tiny dunes made of snow.

dsc00614Nice lines, brah.

dsc00626Backcountry babe.

dsc00652Tight turns around trees was the name of the game.

dsc00676Light and dry in zee powder.

dsc00684Scot may not have invented this maneuver, but he’s definitely mastered it.

dsc00695One pole pow turn.

dsc00730Pleasant backdrop.

dsc00678Half-frame powder, immediately before full-frame powder.

dsc00785Tight, light and steep, just what you want.

dsc00830Girls love carving the powder.

dsc00868Just keeping pushing towards the lake…

dsc01013Serious sidelighting on some distant trees.

dsc00919-1Final powcarves through the alder.

dsc01024-1Frozen toes across the lake.

dsc00937-1Pointy little guy…

dsc01038Mega-purple back to the trucks.

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