Coastal New Years Coalescence

Polar opposite weather patterns have been a bit of theme this winter. Huge, wet low-pressure systems roll in off the North Pacific to clash with Arctic high pressure ridges, right on top of the mountains that I call home. Records have been breaking all season and two weeks worth of suntan recedes quickly at the start of three weeks of miserable rain in the city, which I also happen to call home.




The very end of 2017 happened to fall on the bright blue side of the equation and a mountain convergence was the answer. Loose plans to meet friends “somewhere up there” quickly escalated into chance encounters on the uptrack (#skinninglife) and the inevitable coalescence of a mega-shred-crew. We also happened upon the type of deep winter light that drags a magic hour on for half a day, and were obliged to sample the slopes.


DSC09431Smooth uptracks wind through lumpy terrain.

DSC09442She-shred transitions and a pretty Rainbow.

DSC09450Sweet Caroline carving some sweet pow.

DSC09469Shredding and stuck.

DSC09491Cruising the flats.

DSC09497Mountain portraits and delaminating collar.

DSC09499Just enough time for a quick lil’ ‘gram* sesh.

DSC09501Rime-blasting distant shores.

DSC09521Slarving the soft and smooth schuss-juice.

DSC09516Colin stares straight into the super-mega-magic light.

DSC09563A little pow to the hands and chest is nice.

DSC09570A cozy little cabin in Millslandia is not so cozy without heat. Pretty pretty though!



*NB – They were all actually referencing maps.

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