Weekend Hollyburners

Sometimes ya just wanna drive 25 mins to get in a quick pow lap before afternoon naptime, and sometimes there’s about a thousand other people that have the same thought. Not all of them are as committed to napping as Scot, (really, no one is,) but we managed to find some sweet turns while dodging […]

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Hurling down the Steeps

One of my favorite types of weekend involves mixing old and new, and this particular trip had an abundance of both. Saturday broke sunny and warm, and we saddled up the trusty snow ponies to shuttle us up into one of my favorite go-to zones in the Coast range for some north-facing powder harvesting. Blue […]

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Waking up from a Dream

The sale of a vehicle should be a relatively straightforward and unemotional experience; this was not to be the tale of the Cream Dream. The Dream was a constant driving force through the last 7 years of our lives. Arriving from distant sunny shores into the cold, dreary winters of Vancouver, BC, the Dream adapted […]

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With a steady increase in pressure on the easily-accessed weekend zones, snow ponies have become the access vehicle of choice for semi-non-professional noboard riders, Dylan and Steve. Here’s some of what they got up to the other weekend. A lot of time is spent standing around and talking about snow pony riding. Also, did we […]

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