Happy Columbian Pre-Powmas

It’s been another interesting year on the weather front – fires rage bigger, droughts extend longer and storms are increasingly intense. For a lucky few, this means big dumps of pow followed by blue skies and happiness. With plans to spend the holidays with family and friends back in the Kootenays, I scheduled some stops along the way […]

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Early Season Testing

Any purchase of new gear or equipment is cause for excitement, and the more money is involved, the more anticipation seems to build up. A new snowmobile is a relatively large investment, (read: the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought,) but there was a distinct wave of hesitation as my premier ride on the machine […]

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Raft Covfefe – Part 2

So first of all, we knew how unbelievably lucky we were with the weather. We experienced some of the nicest west coastal days I’ve seen in any month, let alone October. Waking up everyday to brilliant blue skis and checking weather reports that indicate more of the same, one falls into an automatic morning routine. Coffee, surf […]

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Raft Covfefe – Part 1

Another year, and another summer fades into memory… but does it have to? We chose to burn this one in by staring directly into consecutive brilliant west coast sunsets. With a general distaste for hiking, especially when there’s an alternative, our party set out to pioneer a well-known route deep into the semi-developed wilderness of […]

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Winter in Birken

Believe it or not, this is first time Winter has come to Birken. I am, of course, referring to Birken, the Amazing Wonder-Pup! When an opportunity arose that allowed up to load her into the truck and head off on a coast mountain journey in search of snow over a glorious (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend, we […]

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Burke’s Bump’a’Dump

Another day, another cold dump of snow! La Niña delivers again, and with a powder kitty fresh from the vet, our enthusiasm was as thick as two-stoke smoke. On the other hand, the new snow is bonding poorly or inconsistently with a rain crust and the alpine is out of the question… Not to worry […]

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A Fire Hose of Powder to the Face

Depending on who you talk to this year has either been Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse or just a really, really cold and wet winter, and each phrase is spoken with either boundless enthusiasm or savage disdain. For the snow ponies, low freezing levels and consecutive big dumps of precipitation mean that access had been phenomenal and very little time […]

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