Pictures of Mountains

This is what it’s all about – this, is why I take pictures. All kinds of landscapes, from mountains, rivers, and forests right down to the coast… really, pretty much anything, so long as it looks awesome at least some of the time. Here’s a collection of mostly mountains, with the occasional human and/or snow […]

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Coastal New Years Coalescence

Polar opposite weather patterns have been a bit of theme this winter. Huge, wet low-pressure systems roll in off the North Pacific to clash with Arctic high pressure ridges, right on top of the mountains that I call home. Records have been breaking all season and two weeks worth of suntan recedes quickly at the […]

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Merry Kootenay Powmas

Pushing further east, the air is brisk and the powder snow hangs in the air seemingly unaffected by gravity.The storm chase has been fruitful, with an abundance of quality Kootenay Blower on a base of 60cm of stumps, rocksharks and snowsnakes.  Trucks are rammed into snowbanks and snowponies are expelled into a belching haze of […]

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Happy Columbian Pre-Powmas

It’s been another interesting year on the weather front – fires rage bigger, droughts extend longer and storms are increasingly intense. For a lucky few, this means big dumps of pow followed by blue skies and happiness. With plans to spend the holidays with family and friends back in the Kootenays, I scheduled some stops along the way […]

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Early Season Testing

Any purchase of new gear or equipment is cause for excitement, and the more money is involved, the more anticipation seems to build up. A new snowmobile is a relatively large investment, (read: the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought,) but there was a distinct wave of hesitation as my premier ride on the machine […]

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