We Have Fun – On Apex Proper

This winter, British Columbia has been blessed with an abundance of cold weather, plentiful snow and blue skies. Of course, not everyone sees this as a “blessing”, but they’re probably not reading this blog. Since La Niña doesn’t come around all that much, we’ve taken to making the most of it… meaning that we got after the pow in a big way.

New zones, new friends and lots of powder is the best way to ring in the new year, and after a mildly (or excruciatingly) hungover day skiing the lifts at Apex Resort we decided to go in search of the mountain behind the namesake – Apex proper.

It turns out there’s nothing quite like desert pow.

dsc00261Sunlight blasting the trees… Doesn’t look like a desert.

dsc00266Up and away!

dsc00274Down and towards.

dsc00299This doesn’t look like the edge of a desert…. Are you sure this is wine country?

dsc00283Caroline, testing maximum she-shred.

dsc00308My beard goes to the right, even when it’s not frozen.

dsc00319Carving the wind-sift below ridgeline, and apparently there’s avalanches in the Okanogan but no forecasting. Stay safe out there friends!

dsc00327The author, getting some time in front of the lens.

dsc00324Backlit pow-blasting turns. Nothing quite like wind-sifted desert pow.

dsc00342Schralping zee poooder.

dsc00371Full circle rainbows.

dsc00350Like a desert sandstorm, but fluffy.

dsc00432Dangly helmet in some awesome afternoon light.

dsc00402Chasing the right level of wind loading.

dsc00445Long shadows in the afternoon.

dsc00474Last turns back to the bistro. Maybe there’s something to this whole “desert pow” thing?

dsc00376East meets west with some Ontario sass in the mountains of BC… Totally nailing the Backcountry Babe look.

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