We Have Fun – The Vista NYE

Some old friends and some new friends, an old cabin and new house, plus a new zone and fresh camera made for quite the new year’s extravaganza. In between session of warming up, we got out skating, drinking, skiing, drinking and wandering aimlessly while drinking. What a new years it turned out to be!

dsc00001The first, and probably best, my new camera will ever take. Either Julian’s not worried about getting cold, or the tassels provide some sort of insulating capacity. Further study is warranted.

dsc00004Looking skeptical of The Tasselmehoff

dsc00003Scot, looking comfortable and reassured by The Tasselmehoff

dsc00014The Princess, waiting for her loyal subjects to ready themselves

dsc00013Zoe, more or less, sort of, ready for action, always.

dsc00080dsc00047Tasselmehoff Powblastng Partytime

dsc00088Schussing some turns.

dsc00102dsc00110Master and Commander (and Princess)

dsc00151Scot, warm and aerated

dsc00154Caroline getting airborne

dsc00172Lauren likes pow too.

dsc00181Sometimes you just wanna walk in ski boots.

dsc00193Happy New Year, and stay frosty out there friends!

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