Fissile Like a Missile

Back in January I got together with some friends (including an ACMG guide) and went out into the Whistler backcountry to brush up on some glacier travel, rope work and steep skiing techniques. Saturday morning cracked with beautiful blue skies and a gondola ride to the top of Whistler to give us a running start […]

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New Years in Rogers Pass

I’ve finally had a chance to get through the backlog photos from my New Years trip into Wheeler Hut in Glacier National Park. For those that are unawares, Rogers Pass is pretty much the backcountry skiing mecca as it boasts perhaps the best (easiest) road access, incredible terrain, and consistently amazing snow. Our crew was […]

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Meanwhile, in Amuuurica…

UPDATE! Here are the rest of the best of my photos from Amurrrica! All in all, I had a blast thanks to the wonderful people, mountains and snow of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming! Many thanks, and I WILL be back! Previously…. The tradeshow scene is a unique experience within the ski community… I have never […]

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