A week of torrential downpour followed by a week of cold temperatures and sunshine can only mean one thing – shoulder season. Other parts of the country get fall colours and harvest celebrations but Vancouver, for better or worse, gets flip-flopping extremes (or at least extreme for us; it only drops below freezing a couple times […]

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Labrador Revisited

Ever since the end of high school summer has been a hectic time of year, especially in my line of work where it is referred to as the “field season”. This is perhaps a bit of a misnomer, as it conjures images of frolicking through alpine meadows or casual strolls through sun-kissed hay or alfalfa […]

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Labrador to the Core

Every once in a while, my work takes me across this great country of ours to a strange and different land… in this case, it happened to be all the way over to the funny-talking but mostly uninhabited (by humans) boreal forests of Labrador. The following pictures document some of the non-work fun to had […]

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September in the North

A summer and fall full of fieldwork has left me well behind on blog posts and photography, but as we pass into the New Year it seems fitting to push the old out and make room for the new. These posts will be photo-heavy and hopefully be easy to look at with weary eyes after what I’m sure was fantastic and exhausting holiday season. Enjoy!

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