Beautiful British Columbia – Chetwynd

Midway through the summer I switched from working in Fort Nelson to working out of Chetwynd, and while some seem to think that small town BC is generic I have witnessed a huge diversity of landscapes, people and character.

Chetwynd is home to the World Chainsaw Carving Championships and I’m kicking myself for not documenting the magical world of Preying Mantis’s, Tigers, Wizards, Norse Gods and the healthy population of Bears, Eagles and Salmon. As I am a self-identified “mountain-person”, Chetwynd provides a front row seat to the front range of the Northern Rockies, with the classic tilted-stratigraphy Rockies slopes and more than enough Grizzly, Wolf and ungulate tracks to entertain my eyes while I wander through the forest staring at the ground looking for archaeological remains.
The following gallery is an assortment of photos taken over the months of September and October, which happen to be my favorite months to work outside. Cooler temperatures, big trucks, good friends, a lack of bugs and the constant threat of snow make the days fly by… Cheers, thanks for the read and enjoy the photos!

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