Raft Covfefe – Part 2

So first of all, we knew how unbelievably lucky we were with the weather. We experienced some of the nicest west coastal days I’ve seen in any month, let alone October. Waking up everyday to brilliant blue skis and checking weather reports that indicate more of the same, one falls into an automatic morning routine. Coffee, surf […]

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Chasing … Through the Selkirks

Sometimes a trip comes together seemingly all on its’ own. With the right connection of friends, dogs, trucks and bikes, everything can magically coalesce into an epic drive-through weekend of riding and bonfires. Princess Leia is a fantastic companion in the woods, and ensured that no rodents (or anything small, furry and scurry) were to […]

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Algonquinner (Algonkwinner)

Algonquin Provincial Park in (sort-of) Northern Ontario is a magical place where canoes meet water and toes meet sand and this past Labour Day weekend provided an opportunity to get out into the park for some serious relaxation and the occasional exploration. The NWO Sauna.. The trip starts with a visit to the Bill’s fantastic […]

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SantaBarbara Sunshine

It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve felt the hot sun sting my arms and the warm ocean water sting my eyes but while the tan has faded from my skin, the relaxing memories of vacation still bring a smile to my face. I’m lucky to have a cousin smart enough to live in Santa Barbara, California, […]

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Forest Adventures with Friends

A couple of weeks ago, I got together with some friends and went for an adventure in the forest. Then I took some pictures… Fully “loaded” Volvo… Jules getting posey Scot comtemplates the waterfall Alan is vewwy vewwy sneaky…   Al, Jules Phil and Scot are here to keep you safe in the woods. Cheers!

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West Meets East

Early this Fall, the always-adorable Miss Caroline Wells moved for school out to the far coast of our fair country. Before she left, we managed to sneak in a quick little trip to Carmanah Provincial Park and Ukee on the extreme west coast of Vancouver Island. Later, I went to join up with her in […]

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Gone Fishin’

Well the temperature is dropping and the precipitation is falling (in some places more than others) and I’ve finally had some time to look at the photos taken this summer. As some of you likely now, I work as a Wildlife Biologist and spend most of my summer and fall up on the North Coast […]

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Sounds of Desolation

It’s the BC Day Long Weekend and there’s no better time to brave massive ferry line-ups, SUV and yacht traffic, mobs of kayakers and the abundant wildlife. We rolled up over a lovely 8 hours of HOT weather and managed to make if to PR Kayaks less than 30 minutes after they closed. After being […]

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