Sounds of Desolation

It’s the BC Day Long Weekend and there’s no better time to brave massive ferry line-ups, SUV and yacht traffic, mobs of kayakers and the abundant wildlife. We rolled up over a lovely 8 hours of HOT weather and managed to make if to PR Kayaks less than 30 minutes after they closed. After being completely shut down by the lady working there, we resigned to camping in Lund. This, however, had several upsides.

1. We weren’t going to be finding our first campsite by the light of the moon, (which was full and would have probably provided ample light.)

2. We found an amazing campsite right by the harbour in Lund.

3. It gave us time the next morning to go to Nancy’s Bakery for epic apple-cinnamon buns.

4. It allowed me to buy my tidal fishing licence and the BUZZ BOMB.

Caroline staying cozy in her Granted knit on the harbour in Lund


Couple of happy people about to venture out into the sound
Early(-ish) Saturday morning, we drifted out of Okeover Inlet and down the tidal rapids out in the sound. Our paddle out was hot, but with beautiful views and warm water ocean swims. After several recommendations, we ended our day at a small but well stocked campsite on Bold Head, near Tenedos Bay. The shore was steep and rocky but there was just enough room to haul our double out up onto the rocks and then proceed to raise it 5m (at least!) up the beach to avoid high tide. The deep water made for great fishing and the BUZZ BOMB enticed the rockfish and lingcod onto my line. Unfortunately, the rocky bottom was also interested in the BB and claimed it for it’s own before we caught anything edible.

Looking up the sound


Campfire smoke from the Curme Islands

Second sunset with water droplets

Mt. Denman – Up into Toba Inlet

Orange and blue

Black and blue

After an glowing sunset and sleep under the stars, we woke rested and ready to push further up in to the sound. We paddled up through the yacht-littered Prideaux Harbour and up towards to mouth of Toba Inlet for lunch. Then it’s time to turn around and head back west to find another camp. This is where the long weekend really starts to become an issue… There are now people everywhere! Each camp we find is already over-occupied and we’re starting to worry that we’ll have to poach some private land before dark. Finally, we come around a corner of Kinghorn Island and see a massive Bald Eagle that seems to be leading us around the next point. It would be silly to not follow its’ lead, so we paddled on and came around the headland to gaze upon a perfect little camp spot tucked away on the hill, guarded by cute and cuddly harbour seals and our stoic eagle.

My mermaid, swimming up to Toba

Some fatties on shore

Float plane drop for the 1%

Intertidal fawn

The bambi twins

The final day was a rush back into Okeover Inlet to beat the tide change, and a well deserved swim once we got back to the rental place and a feast of Oysters and fish at the Laughing Oyster. Then more awesome traffic and ferries. Awesome.


Our Accipitridean companion


Buddy shot

The end

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