The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

Sometimes, when the last minute Easter Plan sneaks up on you, you just have to book a doublewide trailer on AirBNB and head on down to the beaches of the Washington coastline. And of course, no children of the 80’s on a trip through Aberdeen would be able to pass by the chance to drive around in Kurt’s old neighborhood. The sign coming into town reads “Logging Capital of the World”, but this is no Nirvana. We continue to the coast.

DSC00707Dan, brushing up on his local folklore.

DSC00708This particular location had the highest density of needles that I’ve ever seen, but most people were considerate enough to shove them into holes under the foundation piles. Wishkah!

After a quick little jaunt up the coast we arrived at our luxury beachside accommodation to some classic early April weather… everything, all the time.

DSC00722Velella vellela as far as the group can walk. Don’t let your dogs or kids eat them.

DSC00727Sunset portraits are fun.

DSC00740This eagle went for a swim. It did not seem pleased with this decision.


DSC00766One of the noticeable differences out on the Washington coast is that you can often just drive onto the beach, at your own risk. This saves vast amounts of time, as you don’t have to hike your supplies down to the beach, just pull up, dump everything out, and enjoy!

DSC00756The red Vibe getting fresh down in the intertidal.

DSC00771The Olympic National Forest has some large trees. This giant was not far off the road and had a piddly little sign. Like, seriously guys, this tree is a big deal.

DSC00777Time to get the band back together.

DSC00791Big forests creeping up to the snowline.

DSC00800Trillium, happy in the fern.

DSC00802Big mossy rock.

DSC00810Storms a comin’, best time to be movin’ on now, ya-hear?

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