Pictures of Mountains

This is what it’s all about – this, is why I take pictures. All kinds of landscapes, from mountains, rivers, and forests right down to the coast… really, pretty much anything, so long as it looks awesome at least some of the time. Here’s a collection of mostly mountains, with the occasional human and/or snow pony cameo. Enjoy!

DSC09589Mt. Baker, getting backliiiiiiiiiiit.

DSC09587#millenials #vanlife #sunrise

DSC09582White tusk, with whiskers on the ridge.

DSC09609Up onto the ice and it’s time for some throttle.

DSC09625Down into the ice and it’s time for the beatboxed Blue, by Eiffel 65 dance party.

DSC09636Mid-swing in the ritualistic empty can toss from the ice hole.

DSC09648Normal sized people in larger than normal landscapes.

DSC09650Roley poley mountaintops.

DSC09675Across a sea of rock and ice.

DSC096812500m, on top of the world, and he’s managed to tip it over.

DSC09704A long, windy sidehill.

DSC09716Serious droooooper.

DSC09725It’s pretty awesome, so long as you don’t fall in the hole.

DSC09738Upon closer investigation, this appears to be a glacier.

DSC09748Filip, braaaaping out of the hole, not into it.

DSC09666The Rings and Bald Gary photobombing in the back.

DSC09750A thick, angry blanket of ice.

DSC09761#anotherblownoutzone, but when it’s still this good, who cares?

DSC09774Rainbows in the ice-clouds.

DSC09783A column of cloud liiiiit from below.

DSC09788Pointy, icy chunks of rocks bathed in light.

DSC09581Bonus mountain picture from somewhere deep in the valleys of Highway 37… Keep the search alive!

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