Raft Covfefe – Part 2

So first of all, we knew how unbelievably lucky we were with the weather. We experienced some of the nicest west coastal days I’ve seen in any month, let alone October. Waking up everyday to brilliant blue skis and checking weather reports that indicate more of the same, one falls into an automatic morning routine. Coffee, surf check, fish check, coffee, beer/ breakfast, then surfing or fishing. By then, it’s time for lunch, followed by the alternate activity. Mix in the odd firewood mission, beach adventure or water expedition, and you end up with full days that fly by in slow motion. The experience is somehow both hyper- and sur-real, at the same time. Live in the moment. Wooooaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….


Evening hot tub conversation dissolves into a vague contemplation of reality and our place in the universe, followed occasionally by a re-invigorating midnight skinny dip in the surf. Stories are regaled of past missions to this very spot, under these very stars, and we giggle at how much more energy is expended when we hiked in instead. Many praises to the almighty canoe. Many praises to the wonderous longboard, Johnny No Plan, and the Radish siblings, Eli-Jah Wood, Knotty Girl and The Darkness . All hail the immense Pacific, for bringing us back, time and time again, while showing us mercy and not smiting us with an epic northeast Pacific low pressure system. Hallelujah.

DSC08203One big, happy, surfriding family, with an active participant engaging the swell behind.

This rugged coastline hides an endless variety of beaches, coves and garbage, each more beautiful and strange than the last. No, I’m not exactly sure how that works. Jagged headlands offer just enough vantage to pique one’s curiosity about what’s around the corner. A cabin, perhaps? Or maybe the world’s largest kinder egg? Possibly a pack of wolves, or a black bear sow and cub? Could it be a passing whale, or the beached and grotesque form of what used to be a sea lion? How about millions of shells? There’s only one way to find out…

Every once in a while, something special catches the eye. A big chunk of sandblasted glass, a huge gnarled stump and a perfectly framed west coast sunset all present themselves when the time is right and the appropriate sacrifices have been made. Fortunately, the sacrifices are not uniform in space, time or effort, and this particular trip graced us with a fantastic assortment of easy moments that will linger a lifetime.

DSC08382Pretty sure this represents some kind of rift in the space/time continuum, but nobody went in to find out. Besides, where else could we go?

DSC08385Total Pacific immersion, three times, during crab trap retrieval wearing swim trunks and cotton t-shirt. Survived to tell the tale, thanks to our luxurious over-preparedness. Still, a good day.

DSC08401A relatively small piles of beans were sacrificed on this particular morning.

DSC08437There’s something quite comforting about being immersed in the ocean while observing tangible proof of a hot tub warming up.

DSC08452And this, my friends, is why we bring the hot tub.

DSC08408The Raft Quiver has no wrong choices. Radish Empire (Rad-is-Hemp-Irie) and Shaper friends come through with the hardgoods.

DSC08500Can’t see the forest for the Doug.

DSC08531Placid evenings, vibrant sunsets and soft focus… can’t ruin this feeling.

DSC08559Widespread ritualistic tree slaughter.

DSC08569The Forester (Hester) would be much more visible without the forest, if it wasn’t for all this damn dust.

DSC08571Another home, sweet home.

DSC08577Key’s under the mat… Have a Great Stay!

DSC08628Big long ridgelines by a big long lake.

DSC08622Goodnight, and safe travels.

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