Gone Fishin’

Well the temperature is dropping and the precipitation is falling (in some places more than others) and I’ve finally had some time to look at the photos taken this summer. As some of you likely now, I work as a Wildlife Biologist and spend most of my summer and fall up on the North Coast flying around in helicopters, counting birds and chasing frogs. Other than obvious general awesomeness of my job, it has the benefit of putting me and my camera (and fly rod)  into incredible places.

This first set of photos is from October and features the likes of Dylan Falls and Sean Mahar, who comprised half-or-so of a crew up from the South Coast intent on slaying the Great Steelhead Beast of the Bulkley. With 14′ rods in hands and a miasma of phychedelic monster flies on hats, rivers were waded, fish were caught and stories were spun. I was just lucky enough to be traveling through the area and got to watch them hunt the elusive fish in its’ beautiful habitat.

Great roof!
Great roof!

Nisaga’a Museum, made of beautiful local wood.

LogsitterThe author, mending his line (Thanks Granted!)

Highlander duel
Highlander duel

Sean and Dylan getting after it.

Dylan lives in a van down by the riverSSSSSSSSSSSSNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAP!

Mahar gets intimate with some fliesSean convincing the fly to sacrifice itself to the Belly of the Beast of the Bulkley.

Catch anything yet?Dylan responds to shore hecklers.

Mahar, scoping the sceneShore heckler

Casting down the bankBackcast

FISH ON!Fish on!

14' of bendy speyrod

14′ of super bendy speyrod

Steely DoePurdy liddle doe.

Salmon PornAnyone want some spawners?

Full of Salmon
Full of Salmon

HighcastingFishing in wool (Thanks again Granted for keeping me warm!)

Mate for lifeBaldies

Early lightLow light

Pine Pass at nightPine Pass Starscape

Holding back the largest lake in BC.
Holding back the largest lake in BC.

WAC Bennett

Slings away! A taste of the heli-life…

There’s plenty more photos to come, and I need to get through before winter starts in earnest! Also look for some coming changes to the website… I’m thinking new domain, maybe some photo updates, who knows!?! Stay tuned!

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