Chasing … Through the Selkirks

Sometimes a trip comes together seemingly all on its’ own. With the right connection of friends, dogs, trucks and bikes, everything can magically coalesce into an epic drive-through weekend of riding and bonfires. Princess Leia is a fantastic companion in the woods, and ensured that no rodents (or anything small, furry and scurry) were to bother our loose camping style.

img_0003“You’re doing it wrong!”

img_0009Follow the leader.

img_0012If yer knot whittlin’, yer knot campin’

img_0034A temporary embassy was established to make the newcomers feel at home.

img_0043Open expanses of alpine vistas distract from the flowy singletrack and shiney dogs.

img_0064Leia is somewhere, hunting pikas.

img_0068Head down, pain cave dweller.

img_0070” smells like pika…”

img_0089Time to chase down the sprinter pack. Leia doesn’t have a problem while I struggle and grimace.

img_0090Riders in the distance.

img_0108Sunsets, beverages and bonfires in the sky.

img_0116And on the ground.


Waking up in the bush, Leia had no recollection of the past 12 hours. Of napping.

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