Cycle O-ka-no-gahn

7k 004After a party-fuelled roadtrip last year, I will now offer almost any excuse to drive the North Cascades Highway. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent 20 years driving the relatively boring Hwy 3 across BC, but I really appreciate the people that designed and built a road under Liberty Bell and the Early Winters Spires.

Thankfully, this summit was achieved with the help of petroleum, leaving the carbohydrates for the rolling hills of a three-day cycle tour de force of the American-side Okanogan.

7k 005The Bernie sticker is a little redundant at this point, but at least it’s colour-matched.

7k 006Up and away, this man might actually be some kind of superhero… Two kids, two gears and a cape.

7k 007Scenic rolling hills for days.

7k 008Riverside dreaming of flotillas and beer.

7k 009(w)Hoodoo?

7k 010Cape flapping in the wind, they descend into the valley.

7k 011Snaking through the pines.

7k 012Bird on a wire, kid in a chariot.

7k 013Riding in the spotlight down the long and winding road.

7k 014A fine example of troopers trooping.. Surround them with fuzzy things and they’ll fall asleep, right?

7k 015Hexabag technology – when you need all of the stuff.

7k 016Bike ganging into the wildlife salutary. Lookout wildlife, we mean biznesss.

7k 017SuperShawn charging well ahead of the peloton.

7k 018You never really appreciate the joy of gliding down paved hills until you know the alternative.

7k 019Sometimes the road dictates the speed, and by road I’m referring to washboard. When the views are this nice, slow is the right speed.

7k 020Someones home on the range.

7k 021Double draft train technique is more-or-less mastered (after 3 days of practice).

7k 003The gaggle failing to draft the caravan-convoy, again.


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