Beautiful British Columbia – Fort Nelson

When I’m not traveling for fun and adventure, it seems that I’m traveling for pay, fun and adventure. My work as an archaeologist has given me an opportunity to explore much of my home province and to see remote and isolated valleys and peaks that are rarely seen, let alone climbed. Unfortunately, it also dumps me in the middle of a sea of muskeg with no “dry” land in sight.

These pictures are from the first half of my summer when I was based out Fort Nelson, home of the ‘skeg. The vast distances and moist ground meant that my daily commute was via helicopter and allowed for some spectacular views of the Northern Rockies before we dropped down into black spruce and swarms of mosquitos. The days are long, the weather is hot and the bugs are heinous, but a good crew of people and a healthy appetite for adventure means that work can actually be fun.

Enjoy the pics, and another post is on its way!

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