Labrador to the Core

Every once in a while, my work takes me across this great country of ours to a strange and different land… in this case, it happened to be all the way over to the funny-talking but mostly uninhabited (by humans) boreal forests of Labrador. The following pictures document some of the non-work fun to had while roaming across the vast landscape searching for Brook Trout and cod to kiss. ThunderbirdWest Coasting SmallwoodSmallwood Sunset Wolves Fear the wolfpack…Upper ChurchillChurchill Trickle SunsetsSunsets Boreal treelinesBoreal Treeline Sunset Churchill ValleyUpper Churchill Valley The trickleChurchill Falls SkycloudLong Sunsets Boreal expansesBoreal Expanses Brook fishinCasting for Brookies BrookwideWide Basckcast fishsticksTony, excited by some spring fishsticks Brook fallsBrook fishin’ Below the fallsWetting the fly MooselifeMoosemeet River and FenRivers and Fens Ice Cubes Ice Cubes Ice SheetIce Sheets Northern RockNorthern Rock & Ocean Iceberg BayIceberg Bay Pressure wavesIce waves Bell IslandBell Island, en route to St Johns MTLAnother leg closer to home… MTL from the air Thanks for reading! I’ve got another trip out to Labrador planned, so stay tuned for way more bugs, heat and huge Brook Trout…

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