A week of torrential downpour followed by a week of cold temperatures and sunshine can only mean one thing – shoulder season. Other parts of the country get fall colours and harvest celebrations but Vancouver, for better or worse, gets flip-flopping extremes (or at least extreme for us; it only drops below freezing a couple times a year and now we’ve got a whole week in November!). Regardless, it’s also that time of year when my field season starts to wrap up and I can go through the abundance of random and uncategorized photos taken this year.

My line of work takes me to some incredible, remote locations across this beautiful province I call home, and I feel some responsibility to share these scenes with the internet. Whether your interests lies with fishing, hiking, hunting, biking, mind-skiing, helicopters, mountains, ocean views, geology, glaciology, fluvial morphology or just pretty pictures, there should be something here that strikes your fancy. Most of the locations shall remain anonymous, mostly because they represent a tiny fraction of the wild expanses and not because there’s anything to hide. Also, I don’t know their names. Enjoy, and if at all possible, get out there and spend some time exploring Northern BC!

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