Meanwhile, in Amuuurica…

UPDATE! Here are the rest of the best of my photos from Amurrrica! All in all, I had a blast thanks to the wonderful people, mountains and snow of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming! Many thanks, and I WILL be back!


The tradeshow scene is a unique experience within the ski community… I have never experienced the commercial endeavor quite as hard as I have in this last week, but the snow gods have favoured Utah and Colorado and are apparently following the ski-tradeshow route. After a casual 14 hour drive from Vancouver down to the Great Salt Lake, we did some serious tradeshowing before I had a chance to get out in the beginnings of a storm that eventually resulted in chest-deep pow. Unfortunately, the deepest day was right when we had to make the move to Denver, but we had some great boot to thigh deep low-density pow at both Alta and Snowbird.

Alta PowdayAlta surprise pow-day

G3 RepresentsG3 crew rolls out during the storm at the Bird

Tyler shredsTyler chasing the powface

Baldy TreesTyler getting into it…

Blacksheep SlashKyle Blacksheep Slash

TeleRippingRyan Tele-Shreds

LineupThe Lineup

TipsThe Lineup 2

Ski-slposionBox full of skis

After the show wound up in the SLC we packed up all the gear and rolled on to the SIA show in Denver, after a quick detour through a snowy Moab and the epic Colorado Canyon…

Snow CactiSnow Cacti

SnowabSnowab, UT

Taking Moab for GrantedTaking Snoab for Granted… otherwise it would’ve been cold.

…we arrived in a ColoRADo wonderland of summer in the city and winter in the mountains. I had the privilege (??) of not really being needed at the tradeshow booth, so I took the fortuitous opportunity to truck a pile of skis up to a raging storm in some local high mountain passes.

Berthoud Pass - Full StormMajor Dumpage – no sleds

Old SchoolLoc’s repping some vintage G3 gearJeff UpJeff goes up

Jeff Down

Jeff goes down

WARNING - SKIIERS MAY BE BLOWN UPWarning – Skiiers may be blown up at any time…

TruckasaurasSnow-truckasaurus in it’s primary element.

After storming hard all night, the clouds scattered and left a high dusting of awesome light snow on Berthoud Pass. I, along with thousands of other people, rushed back to the mountains and shredded the beginnings of a real Rocky Mountain winter. Coverage was still thin in spots, but my guides (Joe, Adam and Shukah) led the way to some beautiful meadow lines and some tight and fast tree pow.

Empire State of MindEmpire State of Mind

Joe, Adam and ShukahJoe, Adam and Shukah

Dropping into the cirqueDropping into the Mega-Cirque

Adam and Shukah dropAdam and Shukah


Shukah flipsTriple cork 1260

PowderhoundTotal powderhound

Up and UpUp and away…

Climb onSuperblue

ColoRADo peaksWindswept

Joe Shred1100’s

Shred pastJoe slash

Pat ShredPat Tele-rips

Back to the Pass1100 powcarve

Blurry widshield shotDirty windshield to…. the end?

Not even close.

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