Winter in Birken

Believe it or not, this is first time Winter has come to Birken. I am, of course, referring to Birken, the Amazing Wonder-Pup! When an opportunity arose that allowed up to load her into the truck and head off on a coast mountain journey in search of snow over a glorious (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend, we absolutely couldn’t say no. Once we started letting her pick the music, (she likes folky-country jams on a roadtrip,) we raced past Pemberton and kept going until we hit snow. With jagged white peaks lining the sky and a canvas of golden leaves all around, the truck climbed higher and before long the tires were biting into snow after months of nothing but hot asphalt and dusty gravel. Finally, the S in the M+S tires is back in play.

DSC08630Birken and a skirt of gold.

DSC08631Carpenter and its’ trees…

DSC08632Distant objectives.

Once out of the truck, the patient pooch was ready to stretch her legs. Finally, Winter was in winter and the super-cutie-zoomies were in full effect. Observe:

DSC08655Winter forgot her sunglasses.

DSC08644Fall colours in full effect.

DSC08650Fall colours in hyper-effect.

DSC08638Couple of cuties!


DSC08661Shakeyface floof.

DSC08662Winter in front of Middle Earth.

DSC08678After some casual alpine exploration, Winter directs us to some potential ski lines. She’s a good dog.

DSC08682Big pointy head.

DSC08694So many smells out here…

DSC08717Some friendly neighbourhood giants.

DSC08745Perfect poser, good dog.

DSC08748Behold, fall in the coast range.

DSC08750Thanks to our friends in Millslandia that provided us with another totally acceptable weekend in the mountains, and to Granted Sweaters for keeping us warm in wool!

Cheers, and keep on being Thankful for what you’ve got!

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