Burke’s Bump’a’Dump

Another day, another cold dump of snow! La Niña delivers again, and with a powder kitty fresh from the vet, our enthusiasm was as thick as two-stoke smoke. On the other hand, the new snow is bonding poorly or inconsistently with a rain crust and the alpine is out of the question… Not to worry though, as we know the way to some super-safe powdery-pillow-goodness out in Teepee Town.

DSC04066Work or play? Ideally, both.

DSC04079Kitty – fresh off a clutch transplant and a-arm surgery. Meeeeeeeooooooow!

DSC04086Snow ponies can run on dirt too, but it makes them even hungrier for money.

DSC04093We’re having a much better day than this elk, but probably a worse day than the cougar hiding in the woods. Prey on, predator, just not on us.

DSC04097This session is brought to you by the letter K, the beer out here, and Blackbird, the perfectly toasted sandwich out here.

DSC04108Our gracious hosts sample some tasty bumps. Freshness confirmed, slay on!

DSC04120Synchronized tandem powder blasting – this is not their first lap.

DSC04148Damn, I forgot the matching duffel at home… (photo by Fil)

DSC04178Standing tall without bindings

DSC04253Staying low and dragging hand without bindings (photo by Fil)

DSC04191Perfect powder essssssss carve

DSC04234When in doubt, straightline to the next pillow. (photo by Fil)

DSC04213Dodging and weaving

DSC04268 Pro tip for people used to holding ski poles – use your forearm to deflect the stream of powder blasting your face. (photo by Fil)

DSC04302Carve on and on and on…

DSC04359Slowly adapting to this strange new form of transport. (photo by Fil)

DSC04388Upper straightlines.

DSC04421Some serious mountain bad-assery.

DSC04438The old straightline-until-you-have-speed-to-turn technique.

DSC04374Frontside grab to superflat compression: totally getting the hang of this. (photo by Fil)

DSC04472Taking some last runs tips from the local course pros…

DSC04489…and paying respect to the benevolent stewards of this sacred land of bumps.


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