A Fire Hose of Powder to the Face

Depending on who you talk to this year has either been Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse or just a really, really cold and wet winter, and each phrase is spoken with either boundless enthusiasm or savage disdain. For the snow ponies, low freezing levels and consecutive big dumps of precipitation mean that access had been phenomenal and very little time is spent shredding skis, smashing into rocks and getting stuck (aka – the tomfuckery).

This one day in particular was shaping up to be “all-time” and not even a snow pony with a broken leg could stop us from getting after it. After some trail side gear management and the finagling of ropes, we were back on track with the author in tow. In classic coastal temperament, we scored a deep day with a hearty mix of snow, wind, sun and clouds all coming out to play. The primo conditions elicited the arrival of a strong crew, but even with the efforts of some random snowboarders and the resident pro team, we barely managed to make a dent in the bountiful powder harvest.

Fortunately, the sun stuck around long enough for some serious photo-documentation to occur, and we managed to capture something approximating a fire hose of powder snow to the face. Enjoy.


Hanging on, for just one day.


Pretty pretty tow mission, courtesy of a broken kitty and the wedded saviours.

DSC02252The long and windy tow road. You can play in the powder, but don’t fall in.

DSC02257Distant sketchy convex rollover trees.

DSC02260Teatime for the Orange Crusader.

DSC02268Pillow popping party time.

DSC02330Straightline with a view.

DSC02294Genuine smiles are not all that hard to come by.

DSC02361Bindingless in deep snow means sticking to old tracks to gain speed, then veering off course and crashing in spectacular fashion. Or sticking it. But mostly crashing.

DSC02366The Orange Crusader makes it look steezy-eazy.

DSC02386Random snowboard power pop.

DSC02482The Orange Crusader getting that hang of it.

DSC02508No problems here, just pillows and perfect powder.

DSC02531A face full of freedom.

DSC02563Predominantly popping all the prime pillow powder.

DSC02537Can’t stop, won’t stop. Can’t see, won’t see.

DSC02588Turning is irrelevant, must ski faster.

DSC02634Pristine powder perfection.

DSC02644Mystery straight air.

DSC02687Simultaneous spousal shredding.

DSC02691The firehose, in full effect.

DSC02692Butter on board.

DSC02705Perfect light, but his suit really is that Orange.

DSC02766Big cedar pillow smash.

DSC02720Freedom of mind follows freedom of feet.

DSC02725Oooooofffff into the deep. Prepare for full submerge…. DIVE, DIVE, DIVE.

DSC02734Popping pillows through what was, until recently, an old growth forest.

DSC02799Misty mountains make massive monuments.

DSC02888Headed home, or up for another lap. Or both.

DSC02892The happy couple, in a happy place, doing a happy thing.

DSC02932Epic sunsets are always welcome.

DSC02927Preposterously-pretty party pano.

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