Weekend Hollyburners

Sometimes ya just wanna drive 25 mins to get in a quick pow lap before afternoon naptime, and sometimes there’s about a thousand other people that have the same thought. Not all of them are as committed to napping as Scot, (really, no one is,) but we managed to find some sweet turns while dodging the skintrack traffic jams and the European pop-up market on the ridge selling crepes and mulled wine. Okay, maybe that last part is a little bit fabricated, but it wouldn’t a bad idea for someone to haul a kitchen up onto the ridge and start marketing to the masses. I’ll bet you could even get a liquor license.

dsc02113The man with the plan, to nap.

dsc02122Hollyburn’s full, gotta go ski the highway.

dsc02127Skins on, game on. Scot’s not gonna let that tasty bank go unadultered.

dsc02137Caro shredding the skintrack, up and down.

dsc02148Scot with airtime, racing back for naptime.

dsc02157Okay, one more lap before nap; gotta get up to get down.

dsc02172Second round, even better for than the first.

dsc02190Gettin’ wild, probably half asleep already. But don’t worry, we went directly to Foundation for a big last hit of legendary NACHOS… Fully comatose couch time is mere moments away.

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