Hurling down the Steeps

One of my favorite types of weekend involves mixing old and new, and this particular trip had an abundance of both. Saturday broke sunny and warm, and we saddled up the trusty snow ponies to shuttle us up into one of my favorite go-to zones in the Coast range for some north-facing powder harvesting. Blue skies and awesome views were the recipe for a great day in the mountains and we even managed to lay some sweet turns down an east-facing chute, before slamming into a wall of trees and having to perform some minor alder-bashing route-finding alterations.

dsc01710Tandem pony shuttles.


dsc01718Mini-ice cave


dsc01730Alpine meadows with friends

dsc01750dsc01754Mini-peak nubby turns

dsc01756Wind-affected mini-nub powder harvesting

dsc01768Finding some fresh wind buff

dsc01799Another happy day

dsc01805Peek at distant peaks

dsc01814Sunshiney days

dsc01818Steep ridgelines

dsc01848Setting sun pow slashes

dsc01860Leaning up, carving down

dsc01878Get down, get down

dsc01904Scenic turns across the valley.

Sunday morning broke to clouds, light snow and a plan to get the snow ponies out to explore some new zones in the wild open spaces of the Hurley. After the traditional sacrifice of whatever repair materials we can scrounge, gas was combusted and we quickly escaped the warm temperatures of the valley.

dsc01946Nothing that a little welding, tape, ratchet straps and epoxy can’t fix.

dsc01955Meadow breaks

dsc01963Classic not-falling-in-the-creek stance

dsc02061Snow pony pow carves

dsc02096Big, bold and beautiful, with a glacial receding hairline

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