Happy Columbian Pre-Powmas

It’s been another interesting year on the weather front – fires rage bigger, droughts extend longer and storms are increasingly intense. For a lucky few, this means big dumps of pow followed by blue skies and happiness. With plans to spend the holidays with family and friends back in the Kootenays, I scheduled some stops along the way to easy my weary truck bones and with a little luck I scored an abundance of friend and powder-filled slopes.  Tis the season, after all.

DSC09127Navigational hazards may be present.

DSC09140A Convocation, relaxing after a hard day of eaglin’ around.

DSC09141Gateway to powtown, or at least the Nicola.

DSC09157Chasing snowflakes in the right direction.

DSC09184Transition to skis, continue ascent. Here, Matt explores one of the fabled “fuck-around” zones of Roger’s Pass.



Early season conditions precipitated some non-traditional uptrack selections, but Matt remains unfazed.

DSC09214Getting barreled in the mountains is only OK when it’s not in an avalanche.

DSC09202Golden path, but more on the Revy side.

DSC09229Chasing light up the ridgeline.

DSC09236Now featuring – the run-out to powtown.

DSC09244Matt, invoking the “steep-and-sketchy-skintrack” prerogative.

DSC09252Trailbreaking crew, dropping into the clouds…

DSC09255Couple o’ winners, and they know it.

DSC09262Right in the ole piehole.

DSC09276Gord, descending with a more scenic approach.

DSC09269Dropping the twigs.

DSC09279Armpit shots, and he’s barely even trying.

DSC09288Happy shredders and some vert.

DSC09301Coté isn’t afraid to milk one last face shot out of a run.

DSC09306Gord And Matt seem satisfied with the days outcome.

Next, onwards and eastwards!

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