East Coastin’ Along the Cabot

At the end of October, I went on another trip out to the east coast to visit my wonderful girlfriend. The trip involved a drive up and around Cape Breton (just after the Celtic Colours festival) and a bunch of surfing and other shenanigans. Unfortuately, I only brought the camera out on the Cabot adventure and consequently […]

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North Island Surf Adventure

Northern Vancouver Island is a wild and remote place, defined by massive trees, spiderwebs of logging roads, howling winds and a regularly angry ocean. The adventure call was placed at the end of summer and a mighty crew was assembled from across the land to engage in a pitched battle (tent-pun intended) against these elements. […]

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Mexican’t wait to go back!

Mexico is one of the classic vacation destinations for Canadians looking to get away from the cold and wet Northern climes we find ourselves in over the winter. The promise of warm weather, cheap tacos/cervezas and consistent surf was too much, and with a cousin getting married in Santa Barbara the added cost of the Mexico […]

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So it’s no secret now that there’s not a lot of snow on the coast… thanks for blowing the top off that one MattCote. Citing mental health and pow-deficiency issues, we decided to load up Julian’s super-sick and highly functional Toyota HiAce (pronounced Hiiiiiiyaaaaa-che!!!) LandVehicle and travel out to the coast for music, friends, fires […]

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West Meets East

Early this Fall, the always-adorable Miss Caroline Wells moved for school out to the far coast of our fair country. Before she left, we managed to sneak in a quick little trip to Carmanah Provincial Park and Ukee on the extreme west coast of Vancouver Island. Later, I went to join up with her in […]

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Novembrance Surf Sessions

Remembrance Day is often a solemn holiday, but for surfers it also embodies happiness and excitement at the start of storm season. Chesterman’s and Long Beach turn from warm friendly waves in blown-out beachbreak, while Wick and Cox can catch huge swell and either form huge, clean waves or total chaos and carnage. Often these […]

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Ukeeee Daaaaayz!

On the west coast of Vancouver Island, the last weekend in July hosts a festival known as Ukee Days… or more accurately “uuuukeeeeeeeee daaaaaayzzzz!!!” We saddled up the surf gear, camping gear, and party gear, along with some amazing knit sweaters from my friends at Granted Clothing, and went to investigate the commotion. Ukeeeee Daaaaayz […]

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