September in the North

A summer and fall full of fieldwork has left me well behind on blog posts and photography, but as we pass into the New Year it seems fitting to push the old out and make room for the new. These posts will be photo-heavy and hopefully be easy to look at with weary eyes after what I’m sure was fantastic and exhausting holiday season. Enjoy!

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Hollyburnt out

Last weekend some friends and I made the trek up to Hollyburn ridge to see if the rain in Vancouver was falling as snow up high… It was.




More Fun-guys!

Coté’s technical line selection method

Caroline scopes the drop in…


CWells shreds

All Smiles!

Littlefoot through the forest:

One of these skis is not like the others…

Anger or exhaustion?

Definitely the End!

Bonus! A random old pic of Evan!

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Cayoosh has gone to the dogs…

30-40 cms of fresh snow, blue skies and no wind made for an excellent chance to get into the backcountry last weekend. These photos are from a trip to the Cayoosh drainage with adventurers Evan, Scot, Tanah (the husky-lab cross) and myself.

A more detailed write-up will follow… for now, the pics!

Also, I should make a note that all the weird light in the first days photos is from the mega-reflection off the avi-slope white bounceboard on the other side of the valley. At this point, my editing skillz (read: effort) aren’t quite up to balancing the colour, so stay tuned!!

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