Pre-Monsoon Heat in Andhra Pradesh – FES Update

Well I’m already about half way through my internship here in southern Andhra Pradesh and thought that maybe it was time for a quick update on my progress here. Basically, I spend my mornings roaming the countryside takings snaps of the things I encounter, all in the name of reviewing the wildlife monitoring program for the Foundation for Ecological Security (FES).

The “mornings” part is key, as summer in south India is scorching and the temperature regularly reaches 40-45deg and has been on the wrong side of 50 several times in the past week. The only respite is the occasional pre-monsoon thunderstorm that rolls through and pounds the dry earth with rain, but even the wind and rain are hot.

Still, wildlife is abundant and I’ve come across several healthy herds of deer, some hares, wild cat, mongoose and a symphony of birds. I’ve also found time each more to source out new boulders for climbing each day and have learned how much I can sweat.

The area we’re working in (Kadiri watershed) is pretty far off the track from the outside world and the people I see every day never let me forget it. It’s mostly head wobbles and blank stares from the adults but the children’s reactions are priceless – everything from screams of terror to smiles, laughter and running around in circles shouting HI or BYE or random Telugu phrases I have no hope of understanding.
Enjoy the pics!

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