Miller Time

Everyone once in a while I ride a snowmobile, after which I fall into a reality-based melancholy state and resolve to bide my time… one day I too shall have a sled! Of course by then they’ll all have anti-gravity devices and getting stuck won’t be the most exhausting part of the day. Until then, I thankfully have some fastastic friends that help me to braaaaaaaaap uphill and slay much pow.

Enjoy some photos AND the new domain!


IMG_9642Hitchin’ a ride…

IMG_9638Not-so-distant lines

IMG_9650Mr. Chad takes flight


One thought on “Miller Time

  1. Kind of hard to believe that you can still get a 150 HP sled with a 160″ track with 2″ cleats stuck in the snow, isn’t it? Although it’s a well-known fact that more 4X4 trucks get stuck in stupid places than 2 WD trucks! So, really I am not surprised at all.

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