Still Dreaming…

It’s a mere two days until the lovely Caroline and my regular self jet off to the sunny climes of Kauai and I can’t help but spend more and more time in a dreamlike state of anticipation. I’ve been spurred on by photos from my last trip to the Garden Isle in 2010 and as such, I felt it only responsible to post some of these pics up so there’s some idea of what we’re getting ourselves into. I realize that this might not be fair to all parties (especially those not coming to Hawai’i), but consider this a dose of inspiration… Neither Caroline or I have large sums of cash lying around after the holidays and some particularly expensive life achievements (congratulations C-Dub!!!), but this trip proves that paradise can be had on the (relatively) cheap and easy with some dedication and motivation.

_MG_5256Honolulu on the approach… This time we’re completely avoiding O’ahu and flying direct to Lihue, thanks Alaskan! Also, flights are so cheap from Vancouver that we couldn’t afford not to go!


_MG_5268Looking out across Hanalei Bay.


_MG_5321Future Hanalei shredder…


_MG_5349The Irons ‘ohana – my last trip to Kauai was tragically coincidental with the passing of Andy Irons, a Kauai local that will be forever remembered.


_MG_5374A.I. Forever paddle out – the man was loved and respected at home and across the world.


_MG_5299Hanalei Bay at sundown


_MG_5428Long peeling shoulders into the bay


_MG_5452Tucking into a sweet Kauai pit


_MG_5483S’UP along the shoulder


_MG_5484Split the peak


_MG_5492Honu, living the dream



_MG_5505Hanalei Bay with a verdant backdrop



_MG_5611Wailua River



_MG_5674Lagoon moonlight reflections


_MG_5712Waimea canyon


_MG_5747Max chillin’


_MG_5813Excited to drive these roads again…

Goodbye Hawaii...

In Hawaiian, Aloha implies affection, peace, compassion and mercy.  In English, we take it as both hello and goodbye.  All of these concepts coexist peacefully and will be waiting for us in Hawai’i. Here’s to the good times, past and present, and to getting out there to find them.

New to this trip will be the addition of some of Tim’s awesome Radish Paipo’s… I’m giddy with anticipation for getting these traditional Hawai’ian watercraft back into home waters. Paipo therapy is imminent…

Paipo therapy...
Paipo therapy…

Aloha and Mahalo… til next time.

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