La Push-ing Through the Winter

A relatively dry and sunny winter on the west coast has prompted mass confusion and widespread questioning of priorities, often leading to an exodus from the mountains to the ocean. A forecast of pumping waves and sunny skies (with temperatures up to 15 degrees Celsius in February?!?) lured us down to the beautiful beaches of La Push on the Olympic Peninsula to meet up with some new and old friends. Surfboards, Radish paipos and camp gear are loaded into the Cream Dream and the next thing you know we’re soaking up the sun in the Whidbey Island – Port Townsend ferry line-up. We missed the sailing by two cars and that meant that we weren’t going to surf that evening, and we arrived late and woke the next morning to the pounding surf and blue skies as predicted. We’re definitely not in Hawai’i anymore, but we’re about as close as you can get with easy access from Vancouver and the Granted sweaters keep us at almost-tropical comfort levels; the raging driftwood fire at night helps as well. After a couple of days of beach exploration and chilly surf, we load the sandy tent back into the car and cruise on back home… Another completely successful adventure weekend!

I know there’s a lot of sunset shots, but they were consecutively some of the most beautiful and surreal I’ve seen… So suck it up and enjoy!

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