Steep and Deep – Part 1

I’ve been sitting on these photos for a while now and finally have had a chance to sort and edit. Evan Mitsui, Robin MacLauchlan and I had some substantial snowfall prior to our arrival and we decided to haul in our friend sleddy/shreddy to accommodate the bottles of wine/beer and gourmet meals. These two factors combined into some of the hardest trailbreaking I think any of us had done, with the leader stomping down an extra-wide path and the tailgunner helping to guide the sled around corners and across sidehills.

The 20+ cms of snowfall each night made for some sluffy conditions and the periods of warm march sun sent any south aspect slopes sliding down. We skiied some classic north facing lines and then set about exploring some of the other protected chutes and zones. Great success!

Stay tuned, cause Part 2 is en route!

Bonus!!! Footage of Shreddy on the launch!

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