Steep and Deep – Part 2

The second of two consecutive weekends spent in the backcountry of the coast range. Same snowpack as the previous trip but all that snow has stabilized and been covered up, perfect conditions to get out on some big north aspect lines!

Having lots of people in the area turned out be fun, as they were all on exactly the same plan as us – skiing hard. Louie joined myself and the Moskowitz brothers, Bob and Jeff, for some awesome lines in a beautiful part of the world.

The snow quality and terrain were so good it felt “otherworldly” or something, which I then tried to portray through the feel of the photos. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Steep and Deep – Part 2

  1. See and hear that you had a good time… (understatement?)
    I really feel like the best wife in the world when I see the pictures…

    Next time is MY turn though– although I might have to wait a decade to enjoy the same stable snow conditions!?

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