Photo Archives – Delhi in a Day

Approximately one year has past since our epic adventure into India, and it is only now that I finally have the time to deal with the photo backlog. Tragically, the heat, moisture and dust contaminated my backup HD to the point of failure – leaving me with only the final 3 weeks of the trip and the pictures I posted to blog! I appreciate having those copies at least, but the only thing wrong with small mercies is their size.

This first archive post consists of photos I took on a hectic day of transit through Delhi. Between my own two feet and the omnipresent auto and cycle rickshaws, I navigated one of the craziest and most intense displays of humanity this planet has to offer. I ended up stumbling across some of the major tourist landmarks, (notably the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid Delhi,) but migrating towards the overwhelming chaos of Old Delhi alleyways and the highly-stacked capitalism of the New Delhi electronics/car-part dealers.

This was definitely one of the more memorable days of the whole trip, and I’m happy to finally share the photos!

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