Slay Lock Saturday

A prolonged week of cold, wet weather in the city was followed by clearing skies and mountains blanketed by light, dry pow. The Easter heat wave baked any slope under 1900m, but our goal was the 2650m glacier-cloaked monster known as Slalok. Z Scott picked me up way too early in the morning and the drive up to Pemberton promised abundant sun and perfect visibility. However, the weather was typically fickle and teased us with cycling sun and clouds dumping snow. Classic April in the mountains, summer in the valley and winter in the alpine.

Epic alpin-light
Epic alpin-light

Once in Pemby, we met with delicious sausage rolls, coffee and Adam before heading up to an empty Joffre parking lot. Mere seconds behind us, Bret and Kris (and their awesome borrowed dog – Dallas) arrived and we set off for the upper lake. Despite our alpine start (leaving the lot at 10:30) we made it to the bottom of Slalok in good time and assessed options. We decided to try and sneak around behind the expansive main face and eventually worked our way up onto the west shoulder. Epic (and occasionally icy) powder awaits and we shredded through mini-chutes and powder fields back to the lake. By the time Z Scott dropped us back at Adam’s sisters’ awesome Pemby-powder-pad, I barely had the energy to eat, drink and pass out on the couch.

What a day! I wonder what’s next?

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