Slay Lock Sunday

Sunday broke to a hot, bright sun blasting through the windows above the couch I’m sleeping on, (thanks Jules and Seamus!) I had plans to meet with friends Bayden and Zanny for a repeat on sausage rolls and Mt. Slalok while Adam, either intimidated by the thought of another alpine assault or out of sibling obligation, stayed behind to work the garden at the Pembyfarm. Appropriately caffeinated, we piled into the car and raced back up through swirling clouds to the Joffre lot.

Back at the beast
Back at the beast

On a much better uptrack we hit the top lake a full 45 mins faster than the previous day, and scoped lines already skied off the top of Slalok! Some eager Dawn-Patrollers had Slayed the west side of the main face and left us the perfect fall-line descent directly above the lake (you can see it in the photo above – far right side, next to the Slalok buttress.) With a skin track set right to the top of our prospective run, we raced up the moraine slope onto the Matier Icefield with the occasional blast of April sun sloughing snow off the cliffs above.

Breaking light
Breaking light
Fat, Angry Cornices
Fat, Angry Cornices

The final approach to Slalok is relatively easy, but the clouds were swirling and we had less than 10% visibility. Once on the ridge, we transitioned and waited for the inevitable break in weather that would light our way down the steep rollovers and (hopefully) between the gaping ice holes.

Didn't fall in an Icehole!
Didn’t fall in an Icehole!

The whole run was steeeep and the snow was so deeeeep and blower, it was hard to believe that it’s mid-April! The Coast Mountains deliver again, proving that it pays to keep the skis waxed and ready well into the spring/summer. See you on the slopes!

Thanks as always to G3 for making great gear, Granted for keeping me warm and Nature for being so awesome!

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