East Coastin’ Along the Cabot

At the end of October, I went on another trip out to the east coast to visit my wonderful girlfriend. The trip involved a drive up and around Cape Breton (just after the Celtic Colours festival) and a bunch of surfing and other shenanigans. Unfortuately, I only brought the camera out on the Cabot adventure and consequently […]

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Mexican’t wait to go back!

Mexico is one of the classic vacation destinations for Canadians looking to get away from the cold and wet Northern climes we find ourselves in over the winter. The promise of warm weather, cheap tacos/cervezas and consistent surf was too much, and with a cousin getting married in Santa Barbara the added cost of the Mexico […]

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SantaBarbara Sunshine

It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve felt the hot sun sting my arms and the warm ocean water sting my eyes but while the tan has faded from my skin, the relaxing memories of vacation still bring a smile to my face. I’m lucky to have a cousin smart enough to live in Santa Barbara, California, […]

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The End?

My feet are sore and filthy. Today is my last day in India, and it only seemed right to walk the streets of Delhi to revisit the places we saw four months ago and to explore some new ones. The idea was to finish off with the “real” India and after getting lost in the […]

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Kolkata to Kerala

Big yellow taxi After our expensive entrance into the dirty little border town of Raxual, (see previous post,) we boarded a train heading east to the capital of West Bengal and the old colonial capital of India – Calcutta (Kolkata). Our arrival was yet another surreal 6am wakeup in unknown surroundings but we were quickly […]

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