Waking up from a Dream

The sale of a vehicle should be a relatively straightforward and unemotional experience; this was not to be the tale of the Cream Dream. The Dream was a constant driving force through the last 7 years of our lives. Arriving from distant sunny shores into the cold, dreary winters of Vancouver, BC, the Dream adapted […]

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With a steady increase in pressure on the easily-accessed weekend zones, snow ponies have become the access vehicle of choice for semi-non-professional noboard riders, Dylan and Steve. Here’s some of what they got up to the other weekend. A lot of time is spent standing around and talking about snow pony riding. Also, did we […]

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We Have Fun – On Apex Proper

This winter, British Columbia has been blessed with an abundance of cold weather, plentiful snow and blue skies. Of course, not everyone sees this as a “blessing”, but they’re probably not reading this blog. Since La Niña doesn’t come around all that much, we’ve taken to making the most of it… meaning that we got […]

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We Have Fun – The Vista NYE

Some old friends and some new friends, an old cabin and new house, plus a new zone and fresh camera made for quite the new year’s extravaganza. In between session of warming up, we got out skating, drinking, skiing, drinking and wandering aimlessly while drinking. What a new years it turned out to be! The […]

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Friends and Pow

The onset of winter-proper means that it’s time to review some photo gems from last winter that never saw the light of the internet. These pics are all from last December/January and are a fitting look back at a great start to ski season filled with the ups and downs of an el Nino year. […]

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Chasing … Through the Selkirks

Sometimes a trip comes together seemingly all on its’ own. With the right connection of friends, dogs, trucks and bikes, everything can magically coalesce into an epic drive-through weekend of riding and bonfires. Princess Leia is a fantastic companion in the woods, and ensured that no rodents (or anything small, furry and scurry) were to […]

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