Chasing … Through the Selkirks

Sometimes a trip comes together seemingly all on its’ own. With the right connection of friends, dogs, trucks and bikes, everything can magically coalesce into an epic drive-through weekend of riding and bonfires. Princess Leia is a fantastic companion in the woods, and ensured that no rodents (or anything small, furry and scurry) were to […]

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Cycle O-ka-no-gahn

After a party-fuelled roadtrip last year, I will now offer almost any excuse to drive the North Cascades Highway. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent 20 years driving the relatively boring Hwy 3 across BC, but I really appreciate the people that designed and built a road under Liberty Bell and the Early Winters Spires. Thankfully, […]

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Hot Dogs, Hot Laps and Hot Pow

After some timid murmuring about snowfall in January and a gradual crescendo through February, March came in with a flurry. Which turned into a blizzard. Which turned into another blizzard. Which turned into us having lots of fun in the mountains. Stability has been good, visibility has been intermittent and the snow has been soft […]

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The $7k Weekend

As an enthusiastic adventurer, I’m always looking for new ways to explore new zones and for a long time, that’s meant mountain bikes, ski touring gear and my own two feet. I’ve always been more than happy to accompany people with more advanced (and louder) forms of transportation, but never felt the urge to splurge […]

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La Push-ing Through the Winter

A relatively dry and sunny winter on the west coast has prompted mass confusion and widespread questioning of priorities, often leading to an exodus from the mountains to the ocean. A forecast of pumping waves and sunny skies (with temperatures up to 15 degrees Celsius in February?!?) lured us down to the beautiful beaches of […]

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