Two Tickets to Paradise

Aloha! Long after a visit, the Garden Island of Kauai continues to fulfill the ideal of a tropical paradise, from the moment you step off the air-conditioned plane into the warm, humid air of the out-dated airport terminal, to the rows of palm trees swaying in the ever-present tradewinds. The incredible hospitality of the climate is accented by […]

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Still Dreaming…

It’s a mere two days until the lovely Caroline and my regular self jet off to the sunny climes of Kauai and I can’t help but spend more and more time in a dreamlike state of anticipation. I’ve been spurred on by photos from my last trip to the Garden Isle in 2010 and as […]

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East Coastin’ Along the Cabot

At the end of October, I went on another trip out to the east coast to visit my wonderful girlfriend. The trip involved a drive up and around Cape Breton (just after the Celtic Colours festival) and a bunch of surfing and other shenanigans. Unfortuately, I only brought the camera out on the Cabot adventure and consequently […]

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Story about a bike…

This story is about a bike… or, more accurately, three bikes. And three theives that are now in possession of said bikes. Suffice to say, my 31st year of life has started off a little wobbly. My home in East Vancouver is not new to the bicycle theft game; the second most recent event being the theft […]

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A week of torrential downpour followed by a week of cold temperatures and sunshine can only mean one thing – shoulder season. Other parts of the country get fall colours and harvest celebrations but Vancouver, for better or worse, gets flip-flopping extremes (or at least extreme for us; it only drops below freezing a couple times […]

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North Island Surf Adventure

Northern Vancouver Island is a wild and remote place, defined by massive trees, spiderwebs of logging roads, howling winds and a regularly angry ocean. The adventure call was placed at the end of summer and a mighty crew was assembled from across the land to engage in a pitched battle (tent-pun intended) against these elements. […]

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Algonquinner (Algonkwinner)

Algonquin Provincial Park in (sort-of) Northern Ontario is a magical place where canoes meet water and toes meet sand and this past Labour Day weekend provided an opportunity to get out into the park for some serious relaxation and the occasional exploration. The NWO Sauna.. The trip starts with a visit to the Bill’s fantastic […]

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Labrador Revisited

Ever since the end of high school summer has been a hectic time of year, especially in my line of work where it is referred to as the “field season”. This is perhaps a bit of a misnomer, as it conjures images of frolicking through alpine meadows or casual strolls through sun-kissed hay or alfalfa […]

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